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The Little Liverpool Range is home to a variety of native species of national, state and local significance including koala, brush-tailed rock-wallaby, powerful owl, glossy black cockatoo and swamp tea tree.  With large areas of intact remnant vegetation, the range also provides essential habitat connectivity to Main Range National Park and the Great Eastern Ranges.

Linking these habitats provides wildlife with important corridors for dispersal and a refuge from the threats associated with urban development and climate change. Recognising the importance of this landscape, the Little Liverpool Range Initiative (LLRI) was formed in July 2016.

The initiative is comprised of landholder and community representatives, local councils, natural resource management groups, research institutions, and conservation organisations who work collaboratively to coordinate land management efforts at a regional scale, ensuring the natural beauty, wildlife and landscapes of the Little Liverpool Range are maintained for future generations.

To achieve this vision, the Little Liverpool Range Initiative aims to:

  1. Protect existing habitat

  2. Facilitate land stewardship

  3. Restore degraded habitat

  4. Support locally rare and threatened species and

  5. Increase community awareness of the Range's ecological and cultural significance

Find out more in this short clip...

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Where is the Little Liverpool Range?


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